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Jan 18, 2013 4:30am EST
. and it is offering free movies to the public. >>> we're waiting to hear from a star linebacker, manti te'o, he is the center of a strange hoax. >> this tangled tale is none exist-- non-existent girl friend. but he is not alone when it somes to the quirky stories. >> reporter: 2013 is barely underway and we have our first big hoax. >> the weirdest story of the year. >> this is like a bad movie. >> reporter: be glad it is not your life. within hours of when the story broke, manti te'o was the new tebowing. that is posing with an imaginary girlfriend on bended knee, proposing to her, kissing her, someone resurrected the empty chair of clint eastwood. the preoccupation with the scandal big footed more important stories. did we say big foot. that was a hoax. >> everyone knew that we were lying. >> two georigans said they found the body of big foot. it was a costume with road kill. speaking of dead, remember paul is dead. and paul mccartney is alive but that doesn't stop from us getting turned on by listening backwards to revolution 9 and hearing turn me on dead man. >> april fool's day inspired tal
Jan 21, 2013 4:30am EST
the day working to make the oliver neighborhood a better place to live. >>> manti te'o is spending out in an interview with espn he cleared out he was a victim of the hoax and for the past few days he has been the subject of ridicule after report surfaced the girlfriend he said he had died of leukemia but she never existed. te'o will sit down with katie couric for the first on camera interview since the news broke. that airs thursday here on abc2. >>> barbara walters is in the hospital the host of the view took a fall on a step at the british ambassador's residence and got a cut on her forehead. she will remain in the hospital for observation. >>> as you can expect, there will be new ravens shirts celebrating the advance to the superbowl. nightmare graphic started to turn out the shirts at midnight. now fans will also be able to get a ray farewell shirt beginning today. >> and ravens fan will be rewarded with free food. burger will give you a free purple burger if you come into the restaurant at white marsh. it runs from 11 until 2 and you must say the secret password write it down. su
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2